Coswold Golf

Cotsworld Men's ShoesWhen you think of golf shoes, we often think of the FootJoy Classics which are rigid, firm and frankly uncomfortable American shoes that literally dominated the golf market for years if not decades. In 1976, a United Kingdom-based firm came up with a new concept and Cotswold Shoes were born and they changed the game in meaningful ways.

By the 1980s and long before the FootJoy "Dry Joy" brand of shoes, the British shoes offered European style, steel spikes (everybody had them back them and they were arguably better for the greens and traction but not so much for walking on cement and on days with lightening) these shoes were as snazzy as Crockett and Tubbs getting out of their 1984 Ferrari Testarossa in South Beach back in the days of the show that was supposed to be called "MTV Cops". Golfers aren't known for being fashion icons, even pro golfers, but in an era of fat-guy, polyester Sans-a-belt pants – at least there were some shoes that were a little more hip for the pro and well-heeled amateur player be it in the United States or specifically on the links in England.

Cotsworld Women's ShoesCotswold changed their brand trajectory in the 1990s and became more of a lifestyle leather brand. They added products for women. They had that "country English look" where you were just as comfortable wearing their shoes taking a walk in your country garden in Wales as you would be heading to market in your Range Rover of the era.

Today, nearly 40 years into the brand, Cotswold is something much more than golf shoes they are truly a British lifestyle brand and they have quite the following – both male and female. Today's products are trendy yet classic but their vintage products fetch a pretty penny on the used market specifically on, Amazon and elsewhere. If you want to truly make a statement about what is on your feet be it on the links at Royal County Down or "getting down" in your new Aston Martin – Cotswold is where it is at. Now, you know…